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Geneva Painting FAQ

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The following is a Frequently Asked Questions section containing questions that we regularly receive from our clients.

What colors are the best colors and why?

  • Red, yellow, and orange are considered the warm colors which incite happy, excitable moods and stimulation. They're great for the business office.
  • Blue, green, and purple are considered the cool colors because they're relaxing and peaceful. They're good for the bedroom or den.
  • Light colors, like beige or off-white are spacious and uplifting. They're perfect for the doctor's office.
  • Dark colors, like dark grey or dark brown make rooms look smaller and can be depressing.
  • Bold colors are appealing.
  • Whites reflect light, but they get dirty pretty easily.

Can I paint over wall covering?

This can be done, but it is tricky, and requires a special type of paint and expertise.

Does it matter what type of brush I use?

The type and size brush you use does matter. It depends on the thickness of the paint, the texture of the surface, and even the weather. In some cases, a roller or a sprayer will provide better results than a brush, which can drip or blotch.

Can I paint over my vinyl siding or do I have to take it all down?

Yes, you can paint over vinyl siding. It is less expensive and easier than replacing vinyl siding. Painting over vinyl siding can look great if you use the right paint. It can change the whole appearance of the house, you can do it more than once, and it provides quite a unique look if done properly.

If you want assistance with your project, or it is too big for you to tackle yourself, we recommend you contact us by clicking here or call us at (630) 707-1999. We can show you all available options to get the painting job completed economically and on time.